Precision Machining


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Precision Machining



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Outline of research activities in Precision Machining Laboratory

For the purpose of establishing manufacturing systems for the state-of-the-art opt-mechatronics products and machine elements by using ultra-precision machining and measurement, we have challenged research on advanced manufacturing and measurement technologies. As research on ultra high precision manufacturing, CMP, chemical mechanical polishing, of materials for opt-mechatronics/devices, manufacturing and performance tests of machine elements, micro cutting/grinding etc. have been studied. On the other hand, measurement and evaluation, development of new measuring instruments are investigated for research on ultra high precision measurement. Furthermore, we have tried to establish new processing/measurement methods and develop new iquipments for realization of their methods as research on creative manufacturing technique.


Professor Syuhei Kurokawa
Associate Professor Terutake Hayashi
Assistant Professor Takao Sajima

The Main Research Topics

  • CMP of materials for the next-generation opt-mechatronics/devices
  • Fabrication/processing technology of the planarization organic EL thin film and development of high-efficiency solar cells
  • Development of high precision and high speed CMM
  • Fabrication of micro tools and micro machining
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