Material Processing


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Material Processing



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Examples of research theme

In this laboratory, the development of manufacturing process of metal and metal powder materials using plastic deformation has been mainly studied. The components produced by these processes is at the core of the manufacturing industry. Among them, process technologies related to plastic deformation and powder metallurgy have been focused in this laboratory. Many kinds of processing technologies being investigated such as Rolling manufacturing high strength gears, Metal Injection Molding (MIM) making mass production of complex parts possible, Laser Addictive Manufacturing producing directly complex 3D part from CAD data. They are covered from establishment of deformation principle through basic experiment to development for higher accuracy and high functionalization desired by industry.


Professor Kazunari Shinagawa
Associate Professor Fujio Tsumori
Assistant Professor Toshiko Osada

The Main Research Topics

  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Process for Metal Materials
  • High Strengthening of Sintered Iron Alloy Gear by Thread Rolling
  • Development of Selective Laser Sintering Process
  • Fabrication of Ceramics Micro Structure by Imprinting Process
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