Machine Elements and Design Engineering


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Machine Elements and Design Engineering



Experimental setup for the wear test
of polymeric seal material
in specific gas environment

Wide variety of research about wear and failure mechanism of machine element used in various applications, from new energy systems to medical devices, is conducted. For example, the wear mechanism of materials used in bearings, seals and valves is examined experimentally by using specially designed test equipments which can reproduce the mechanical and environmental conditions of specific applications, such as joint prostheses, gas compressors and gear transmissions. Purposes of our studies are to supply experimental data for a design guideline of safe and reliable machine systems, and also to develop a novel mechanical design technique based on various new ideas.


Professor Yoshinori Sawae
Associate Professor Tetsuo Yamaguchi
Assistant Professor Takehiro Morita

The Main Research Topics

  • In vivo wear and failure mechanism of artificial joint prostheses
  • Functional tissue engineering based on mechanobiology
  • Friction and wear of polymeric seal materials in hydrogen
  • Development of advanced control valves for hydrogen infrastructure
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