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Students conducting experiments


Surface micro texture
passing through lubricating film

Tribology is science and technology of friction, wear and lubrication. It is one of the most important areas for maintaining global environment and saving energy. A characteristic feature of this area is that it is an interdisciplinary research area of mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science. We are studying new methods of lubrication and materials for better performance, lower energy consumption and longer life of machinery. We are also tackling the advanced problems of hydrogen tribology that are necessary for producing and using hydrogen as a secondary energy carrier in the future low carbon society.


Professor Joichi Sugimura
Associate Professor Kazuyuki Yagi
Assistant Professor Hiroyoshi Tanaka

The Main Research Topics

  • Hydrogen Tribology
  • Novel Lubrication Mechanisms for Bearings and Seals
  • Surface Roughness and Surface Texture
  • Mechanisms of wear and seizure
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