Fuel Cell Sysytem


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Fuel Cell Sysytem


Electrochemical energy converter, such as fuel cell and electrolyzer, can work at higher efficiency and an excellent reliability with lower noise. These outstanding features of fuel cell and electrolyzer motivate us to utilize them as a main energy converter in next generation. Although a part of them has been commercialized, a more cost-reduction, durability and performance are required to be addressed. Against this background, our laboratory conducts R&D for fuel cell and electrolyzer based on mechanical engineering approach.


3D temperature distribution
by using tailor-made in-line TCs
with fine positioning


Hydrophilic and hydrophobic double MPL coated GDL


Professor Kohei Ito
Associate Professor Tatsumi Kitahara
Assistant Professor Hironori Nakajima

The Main Research Topics

  • Elucidation of mass, heat and charge transport in fuel cell
  • Development of diagnosis and visualization technique in fuel cel
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