Hydrogen Storage System


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Hydrogen Storage System



The first fuel cell vehicle from TOYOTA
that stores hydrogen using the material
developed by Prof. Akiba and
Dr. Iba (TOYOTA) in 1996.

Hydrogen is gas at ambient temperature and pressure. The volume energy density of hydrogen gas is only 1/3000 of gasoline, therefore, to store and transport hydrogen in a limited space is a critical issue to be solved before to realize the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen storage materials provide compact, energy efficient, safe and affordable method of hydrogen storage and transport. The volume density of hydrogen in the hydrogen storage materials is superlier than compressed and liquified hydrogen. Our Laboratory investigates hydrogen storage materials and develops novel materials especially for on board applications those are indispensable to realize the hydrogen economy.


Professor Etsuo Akiba

The Main Research Topics

  • Mechanism of hydrogen storage materials
  • Development of novel hydrogen storage materials
  • Development of engineering for applications of hydrogen storage materials
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