Advanced Hydrogen Materials


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Advanced Hydrogen Materials



Blister fracture of rubber O-ring
for high-pressure hydrogen gas seal

Rubbers and polymeric materials are used as sealing devices of high-pressure hydrogen gas in equipments for hydrogen energy systems. For example, rubber O-ring for hydrogen gas sealing could be broken by high-pressure hydrogen exposure.
In our laboratory, we are going to clarify the fracture phenomenon of rubber and polymeric materials exposed to the high-pressure hydrogen gas. In order to clarify the influence of dissolved hydrogen on the fracture behavior of the materials, we have been performing thermal desorption analyses and nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of the dissolved hydrogen gas in the materials. To establish material design guideline for high-pressure hydrogen sealing materials, we are continuously discussing about the relationship between fracture behavior of the materials and their composition or molecular structure.


Professor Shin Nishimura

The Main Research Topics

  • Structural analyses of polymeric materials after high-pressure hydrogen exposure
  • Influence of high-pressure hydrogen on mechanical properties of polymeric materials
  • Evaluation of sealing behavior of rubber O-ring in high-pressure hydrogen gas
  • Development of rubber materials for diaphragm pump
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