Structural Materials


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Structural Materials



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Measurement and analysis technique
based on synchrotron micro tomography

We have been researching deformation and fracture behavior of structural materials from the view point of micro/nano structure. In particular, the visualization of deformation and fracture using a synchrotron X-ray computed tomography is focused to investigate deformation that occurres at the inside and mechanical condition. We also have been developing new analysis technique for deformation and fracture behavior in material and applying the technique to various issues in materials and mechanical engineerings.


Professor Hiroyuki Toda
Assistant Professor Kyosuke Hirayama

The Main Research Topics

  • Microstructural optimization based on reverse 4D material engineering
  • Analysis of 3D/4D fracture behavior of structural materials
  • Deformation analysis based on X-ray diffraction assisted grain boundary tracking
  • Microstructural factor in fatigue and stress corrosion cracking
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