Nuclear Energy Systems


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Nuclear Energy Systems



Multiphase-flow Experiment and Numerical Simulation
for Reactor Safety Assessment

In nuclear reactors, event progression of severe accidents, where the reactor core is largely damaged, is greatly affected by multiple phenomena of heat transfers, fluid flows and phase changes occurring in the core as well as neutron kinetic behavior. Understanding of reactor behavior and its consequences in such hypothetical core damage accidents is essential to evaluate reactor safety margins and to take measures for prevention of accident progression and mitigation of accident consequences against the possibility of accidents. In this research group, to predict the dynamic behavior of reactor in severe accidents reasonably for reactor safety assessment, experimental study is performed to clarify multi-component, multi-phase flow phenomena in damaged cores. In addition, this group devotes research and development for multi-phase flow analysis based on up-to-date CFD technologies such as particle-based fluid simulation.


Professor Koji Morita
Assistant Professor Tatsuya Matsumoto

The Main Research Topics

  • Nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics
  • Nuclear reactor safety
  • Multiphase flow science and technology
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