Radiation Induced Phenomena in Condensed Matter


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Radiation Induced Phenomena in Condensed Matter



Newly developed High Voltage
Electron Microscope (JEM-1300NEF)
at Ito-Campus of Kyushu University

When alloys and ceramic compounds are irradiated with energetic particles, they transfer the kinetic energy in a local region of the material. This causes the formation of radiation-induced defects and 'radiation damage'. Our research group has investigated the atomistic understandings of radiation-induced microstructure evolution, such as nucleation-and-growth process of radiation-induced defects, and phase transformation (order-disorder transition), by utilizing transmission and scanning electron microscopy, such as high voltage electron microscope (JEM-1300 NEF) at Research Laboratory for High Voltage Electron Microscope, Kyushu University, as well as theoretical investigations. These researches are believed to give fundamental understandings to the developments of fission and fusion reactors materials.


Professor Syo Matsumura
Associate Professor Kazuhiro Yasuda

The Main Research Topics

  • Radiation-induced structural changes in alloys and ceramic materials
  • Radiation effects on electrical and magnetic properties of insulating and superconducting ceramic materials
  • Advanced transmission electron microscopy and its applications to nanostructural analyses of materials
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