Transportation System Eingineering


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Transportation System Eingineering



LRT in Toyama City

Transportation infrastructure and Transportation system supply our mobility which is one of essential activities for our life. They are also tools of urban planning and fundamental technologies which decide the shape of city. It is really diverse what we ask for such Transportation infrastructure and Transportation system: economic rationality, accommodation to environment, and so on. Therefore, at present and future, as environment and resource are limited and society is changed, it must be necessary to reform their performances. At our laboratory, we study about the demand prediction of public transport, the human behavioral science on transportation, transportation system and transport facilities planning, and so on to realize the transportation sysytem which balances sustainable city and wealth of urban life.


Associate Professor Satoshi Toi
Associate Professor Yoshinao Oeda
Assistant Professor Chiaki Matsunaga

The Main Research Topics

  • Prediction method of railroad physics and traffic noise from the viewpoint of transportation planning and transportation behavior analysis
  • Medical service and infrastructure development
  • Remote islands transportation and expansion of living area
  • Urban crime prevention using transportation planning and traffic regulations
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