Environmental Fluid Mechanics


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Environmental Fluid Mechanics



Field survey on the movement of
discharge water from drain gate of the weir
of Isahaya dyke by using floating buoys

We have been attempting a number of researches on aquatic environmental problems in natural water area, such as sea (coastal area, estuary, coast, tidal flat), river (watershed area, upper reach to river mouth), and lake in order to aim finding the solution by approaches from a perspective of fluid mechanics. In addition, we work positively to promote interdisciplinary studies with a wide range of research areas, such as biology, ecological engineering, analytical chemistry, etc. Recently, we have started to try new research topics on the adaptation to natural disasters due to climate change and the development of sustainable social systems with due considerations to biodiversity.


Professor Yano Shinichiro

The Main Research Topics

  • On the adaptation to water and sediment disasters due to the global environmental change
  • On the current and material transport in the Ariake Sea
  • Dynamics of trace mercury in Minamata Bay and the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)
  • Set up and management of "Marin Sanctuary" and biodiversity conservatory
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