Environmental Systems Analysis and Control Engineering


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Environmental Systems Analysis and Control Engineering



Semi-plant scale lysimeters for
chlorine removal experiments
in Japan and China


Characterization of municipal solid waste
incineration residues
(SEM and microscope images)

In order to contribute to the transition to sustainable society from the aspect of urban environmental engineering, safe and appropriate treatment and disposal technologies of wastes, their feasibility assessement, interrelationship between mass flow of recylced wastes and socio-economic system, and social system design to support reasonable waste applications have been investigated in close cooperation with governmental and industrial sections. In the last decade, severe environmetal probles owing to rapind economic growth in Asian regions also cause adverse impact on Japanese environment. Therefore, appropriate and reasonable technologies of waste treatment, disposal, and recycles, their feasibility assessement, environhmental impact and risk assessment of current local waste management, and system design of reasonable waste management has been investigated based on Asian regioinal characteristics and condtions.


Professor Takayuki Shimaoka
Associate Professor Hirofumi Nakayama
Assistant Professor Teppei Komiya

The Main Research Topics

  • Appropriate and reasonable technologies of waste treatment and disposal based on local situation
  • Technical development of waste recycles that enables sustainable human activities and their feasibility assessment
  • Design and assessment of socio-economic system that supports waste reduction and recycles
  • Numerical simulation of environmental fates of pollutants to support environmental impact assessment and development of waste treatment and recycles in Asian heterogeneous environments
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