Hydro-Environmental Engineering


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Hydro-Environmental Engineering



Artificial rainfall area generated by cloud seeding
using liquid carbon dioxide

From a standpoint of sound hydrologic cycle, our laboratory deals with the essential researches for our living and environment. Mechanism of hydrologic cycle systems, like regional meteorological phenomenon, surface water and groundwater are affected by advancing of rapid and unplanned urbanization. Consequently, it will cause the change of water environments and ecosystems. How we can conserve a regional hydrologic cycle and water environment which has good nature from anthropogenic impacts, this is major problem for region as well as utilization of water. In order to solve the problems, our laboratory works on field of groundwater environmental systems (groundwater recharge, groundwater flow, groundwater pollution & quality, interaction between groundwater and sea). Moreover, our research room also conducts meteorological engineering-based study (climate change, heavy rainfall, cloud seeding) relating to water resources and water disasters.


Associate Professor Yoshinari Hiroshiro
Assistant Professor Koji Nishiyama

The Main Research Topics

  • Behavior of arsenic pollution in groundwater
  • Study on practice of sound hydrologic cycle
  • Fundamental study on cloud seeding (rainmaking) technology using liquid carbon dioxide
  • Fundamental study on diagnosis of meteorological conditions causing heavy rainfall
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