Environmental Planning and Design


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Environmental Planning and Design


Japan is now experiencing a drastic change of paradigm. "Development" is no longer the first priority of our society. Civil engineers and designers are expected to suggest some alternative approaches to keep a balance between the necessary improvement of infrastructure and the precious natural/cultural environment.
However, despite of these major transitions, there is little knowledge in philosophy, technology and methodology that are fundamental for conserving and reproducing the beautiful yet vulnerable landscape of Japan.
The mission of the Environmental Planning and Design Laboratory at Kyushu University is to study how to bring a harmony between civil engineering structures and nature, find a design to reconcile with the local culture, make the citizen's opinions workable in social infrastructure, and find necessary regulations and rules to protect mountains and countries from excessive development in order to preserve, enhance, restore and create the beautiful landscape of ours.


Associate Professor Akihiko Higuchi

The Main Research Topics

Our diverse activities can be divided by the following three fields.
  • Ongoing research themes: the role of civil engineering structures in landscape design, the evaluation of historic landscape, the methodology of citizen participation in landscape design, and the preservation and adaptable reuse of heritage structures.
  • Various design works: designs of streets, bridges, parks, and waterfront public open spaces in partnership with local municipalities and citizen groups as a pioneering design demonstration to the society.
  • "Machidukuri"(town planning): supporting activities in small towns and villages.
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