Research into the Causes of Coastal Environment Deterioration in the Ariake Sea


Field survey of the movement of water discharged
from drain gate of the weir of Isahaya Dyke

Recently, a large temporal-spatial scale red tide and anoxic water have caused deterioration of the coastal aquatic environment and marine ecosystem in the Ariake Sea. We have been attempting to clarify the main reason for this by conducting field observations, statistical data analysis, and numerical modeling on changes of tidal currents caused by the Isahaya Bay Reclamation Project, the movement of water discharged from the drain gate of the weir, and the condition of the aquatic environment in the northern Ariake Sea and Isahaya Bay, in particular.

Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory,
Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
Professor Yano Shinichiro
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