Civil Engineering Course


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Civil Engineering Course


On this course students learn about the power of nature, and gain comprehensive engineering skills about designing safe buildings and rational use of public spaces. At the same time, students learn about the various human qualities that are required to protect the natural and cultural environments, and the sense of justice and responsibility technicians and researchers must possess as they seek to grow as internationally minded people capable of thinking on a global scale.

After students have selected a major, they start to learn about their chosen specialty. These include majors in social infrastructure and structures (structural engineering, earthquake engineering), disaster prevention and geotechnical engineering (disaster prevention engineering, geotechnical engineering), environmental and watershed system engineering (environmental engineering, natural regeneration science, coastal engineering, river engineering), and transport and urban planning (transport planning, urban planning, landscape engineering).

Graduates of the Civil Engineering Course progress into a wide range of careers. Some examples of the sectors in which our alumni are active are as follows. National public servants (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Ministry of Defense; Ministry of the Environment, etc.); local government servants (prefectures mainly in Kyushu, ordinance-designated cities, including Fukuoka); power and gas companies (Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.; Tokyo Electric Power Company; Saibu Gas Co., Ltd., etc.); rail and road-related companies (JR Kyushu; JR West; JR East; West, East and Central Nippon Expressway companies, etc.); general construction companies (Kajima Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Obayashi Corporation, etc.); and steel and heavy industries (Nippon Steel Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc.).
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