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Stats on international Students

The Undergraduate and Graduate School of Engineering both have a long history of education international students, particularly from Asia, and have produced a number of notable alumni.


Total Number of International Students by Country

Country Subtotal
Republic of Albania 1
People's Democratic Republic of Algeria 3
People's Republic of Bangladesh 13
Kingdom of Belgium 1
Plurinational State of Bolivia 2
Federative Republic of Brazil 1
Republic of Bulgaria 1
Kingdom of Cambodia 3
Republic of Cameroon 1
Republic of Chile 1
People's Republic of China 164
Republic of China (Taiwan) 14
Republic of Colombia 2
Arab Republic of Egypt 10
French Republic 1
Gabonese Republic 1
Federal Republic of Germany 1
India 4
Republic of Indonesia 71
Islamic Republic of Iran 14
Republic of Korea 107
The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 1
Malaysia 18
Country Subtotal
United Mexican States 2
Union of Myanmar 3
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal 6
Republic of Nicaragua 1
Federal Republic of Nigeria 1
Palestine 1
Republic of Panama 1
Independent State of Papua New Guinea 1
Republic of Peru 1
Republic of the Philippines 12
Republic of Singapore 4
Solomon Islands 2
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 4
Swiss Confederation 1
Syrian Arab Republic 4
United Republic of Tanzania 2
Kingdom of Thailand 8
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2
United States of America 1
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 1
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam 10
Unknown 213
Total number 716
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