Department of Materials Process Engineering

Educational Aims

Department of Materials Process EngineeringTo produce the industrial high performance materials, it is important to systematically intergrade the knowledge on materials science, such as composition, deformation, fracture, refining, reaction, processing and biomimetics. In the Department of Material Process Engineering, there are many kinds of materials are targeted in our research and education, such as metal, ceramics, glass, electronic materials, catalytic materials and biomaterials. The researches are basing on physics and chemistry. We are developing novel materials in order to lead the fruitful future of the earth.

Admission Policy

Materials Processing Engineering is an academic field for the sustainable development of our lives. The aim is to produce high performance materials with the development of efficient and ecological processing.
We welcome students who have the followings:

  • Basic knowledge of materials science
  • Enthusiasm to learning materials science
  • Language skill to communicate internationally


Department of Materials Process EngineeringDepartment of Materials Process Engineering

Reaction Engineering for Materials
Based on the principle of physical chemistry, the course of Reaction Engineering for Materials deals with development and design of material reaction process for the metal smelting & refining processes, and inorganic material fabrications. We also conduct research and provide education for physical chemistry related the reaction engineering. (Reaction control engineering for material fabrication, Smelting and refining for materials fabrication, High-temperature reaction engineering, Physico-chemical properties of high-temperature melts)

Mechanical and Chemical Processing for Metals and Composites
The course of Mechanical and Chemical Processing for Metals and Composites offers comprehensive education and research on forming processing, melt processing, plastic deformation, composition, electrochemical surface modification, and computational materials design. The researches contribute to realize sustainable, secure and safe society. (Crystal Deformation Engineering, Composite Engineering, Electrochemistry of Material Processing, Melt Processing, Surface Modification, Computational Materials Design)

Chemical Engineering for Materials Processing
The course of Chemical Engineering for Materials Processing offers education and research programs covering chemical reaction engineering, bioprocess engineering, and materials process engineering. These studies are vital to the development and design of efficient and environmentally sustainable equipment and processes used to manufacture organic, inorganic, and biological materials. (Functional Materials, Biomaterials, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Material Processing)