Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering

Educational Aims

Department of Urban and Environmental EngineeringThe Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering provides comprehensive education and research opportunities by providing advanced knowledge and technology that contribute to environment preservation, reclamation, and creation. The purpose of this is to address the issues of community and urban environments, such as land use, landscape, traffic, water, and waste issues, with the aim of creating a harmonious natural and human environment. We also nurture engineers, researchers, and educators who will be able to support the future social infrastructure and its maintenance. To achieve these goals, we offer the following education programs:

  • A high-level professional education with systemized instruction from foundation to application
  • Internships with affiliated industries, governments, and academia, and a practical education in the use of the TA/RA system.
  • An education with an international focus
  • An education that trains students to develop leadership and independent problem solving skills throughout the entire research process

Admission Policy

The Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering is engaged in the study of urban and environmental issues and in the prediction, reduction, and prevention of problems arising from these issues, as well as in the advancement of the technology needed for a new type of urban environmental system. The following is a list of student qualities we look for in admissions:

  • Possession of basic scientific knowledge in subjects such as urban engineering, fluid engineering, and environmental engineering.
  • Possession of the necessary education and ethics to become an engineer or researcher.
  • The motivation to actively advance in independent study.
  • The language abilities needed to study in international society.


Department of Urban and Environmental EngineeringDepartment of Urban and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering offers an education that approaches the environment from the viewpoint of engineering, aiming for the creation of new environments designed to balance nature and society. The main fields of study are Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Transportation and Urban Planning. Environmental Engineering studies the recycling society and the regeneration of recyclable resources, urban environment issues, and natural environment regeneration. Hydraulic Engineering studies the hydraulic environments of rivers, coasts, lakes and marshes, as well as their technical development for usage as energy. Transportation and Urban Planning studies the construction of effective and comfortable urban environments. This department is seeking to cultivate professional engineers and researchers who will gain both basic and advanced professional knowledge for technological progress, to be able to address urban and environmental issues on a global scale, as well as to be able to research flexibly. At the same time, we will train those who understand their social missions, and who are enthusiastic about being in leadership positions with a sense of responsibility and ethics. Graduates are expected to work in many global fields. Many of them work in government and municipal offices, in industry, and in scientific society. We look for:

  • Professional engineers who are able to deal with a wide range of assignments in areas such as Urban and Environmental Engineering in government, public enterprise, private industry, construction and more.
  • Generalists who have a sense of responsibility and ethics, and who are able to make judgments with a comprehensive approach.
  • Leaders who have management skills, and who are able to accomplish their work in a methodical and efficient manner.
  • Internationally-minded engineers who are willing to work anywhere in the world, and especially in East Asia.
  • Researchers who have professional skills and knowledge (and who would be interested in continuing their research in the Ph.D. Program)


  • Land Use Policy and Disaster Risk Reduction Laboratory
  • Urban Engineering and Economics Laboratory
  • Transport Systems Engineering Laboratory
  • Urban and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Watershed Management Laboratory
  • Hydrosphere Environment Engineering Laboratory
  • Environmental Systems Analysis and Control Engineering Laboratory
  • Structural and Aesthetic Design Laboratory
  • Ecological Engineering Laboratory
  • Functional Design of Marine Systems Laboratory