Department of Earth Resources Engineering

Educational Aims

Department of Earth Resources EngineeringThe Division is involved in the sustainable development of energy and mineral resources essential for all types of industrial infrastructure and society, as well as the novel development of green technology, and resources recycling. In addition, our target is to foster global technologists and researchers who can proactively apply creative thinking and unique invention skills. The Division provides professional education relating to underground energy and mineral resources, ranging from surveying to development and usage. Furthermore, faculty members and graduate students are able to appreciate the Division's fields of study as comprising essential elements of earth systems, and deal with resources and environment from the perspective of coexistence with the earth's environment. Our ultimate target is for students to acquire values and skills based on these policies, ready to become active as researchers and technologists in these fields, both in Japan and overseas.

Admission Policy

The Division provides a wide range of professional education from surveying to the development and use of energy and mineral resources, which underlie today's industry and society, based on coexistence with the global environment. Following this, the ultimate aim is to nurture talented technologists and researchers responsible for earth resources and environmental issues, who will be active both domestically and internationally. Students who have enthusiasm, wide-ranging curiosity and interest in our planet, the earth, earth resources and environmental concerns, in addition to basic academic ability, including foreign languages, are encouraged to apply for admission to the Division. We welcome students who are ready to be proactive in facing the challenges of our educational program goals, that is the development of: a well-rounded character, an ethical approach to technology, engineering application, advanced specialized academic skills, ability to explore and solve problems, ability to communicate, persistence in study, ability in management, internationalism and leadership.


Department of Earth Resources EngineeringDepartment of Earth Resources Engineering

To equip students with professional-level knowledge in the field of earth resources as well as a grounding in a wide range of engineering fields, the Division of Earth System Engineering provides lectures, lab sessions and practical training as follows:

Economic Geology Resource Geology I & II
Mineral Engineering
Mineral Engineering Experimentation I & II
Exploration Geophysics Geo-Information Science I, II & III
Geo-Information Science Experimentation I & II
Geothermics Geothermics
Geothemal Engineering
Geothermal System Modeling
Geothermal Engineering Experimentation I & II
Resources Production
and Safety Engineering
Resources Development and Environment
Resources Production Systems
Safety Engineering
Safety Engineering Experimentation
Resources Production Experimentation
Rock Engineering
and Mining Machinery
Rock Engineering I & II
Mining Machinery System Engineering
Rock Engineering Experimentation I & II
Mineral Processing,
Recycling and Environmental Remediation
Mineral Processing Engineering I, II and III
Mineral Processing Engineering Experimentation I & II
Energy Resources Engineering Energy Engineering
Reservoir Engineering
Mass Transfer Engineering
Energy Resources Engineering Experimentation I & II

In addition, lectures on earth system engineering in general are also provided.


  • Economic Geology
  • Exploration Geophysics
  • Geothermics
  • Resources Production and Safety Engineering
  • Rock Engineering and Mining Machinery
  • Mineral Processing, Recycling and Environmental Remediation
  • Energy Resources Engineering