International Undergraduate Programs


Kyushu University was selected as one of 13 universities of the Global 30 Project by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). In October 2010, we established the first international undergraduate programs among these top research universities in Japan. Since then we have been offering high quality education in a small, interactive class environment and research opportunities with leading scientists at our advanced research facilities.

The School of Engineering aims for students to acquire a solid foundation of engineering and develop the ability to understand and explain a broad range of issues, based on the principles and laws of basic sciences, including physics and chemistry. In accordance with their individual aptitudes and needs, students select one of the following programs.

Applied Chemistry
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Because of the wide-ranging influence of engineers on society, engineers not only require social knowledge in their respective fields, but also an understanding of ethics in engineering, profound awareness of the diversity of humanity, and a broad education about the environment and the role of human beings within it. In keeping with this view of engineering's responsibility as a whole, IUPE students take liberal arts subjects and science core classes in the first year, and then proceed to take specialized subjects common to the four subjects offered by the School of Engineering, and others that are specific to each program for the remainder of their study.


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KIKAN Education

All undergraduate students in Kyushu University take courses from Kikan Education (kikan literally means “root”) in their first year of study. Through kikan education which include liberal arts subjects and science core subjects, students learn fundamental educational skills, such as independently observing, thinking and learning, which are the basics for new knowledge acquisition and problem solving. Kyushu University requires students to pose their own questions and pursue truth via independent learning. Students must make a mental habit of learning by questioning issues from a new perspective and continuously challenge people, objects and events of the world with an active intellectual curiosity. Doing so creates the foundation to proactively and independently persevere to seek new knowledge and possibility, without fear, in any issue or situation.

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Japanese Language Classes

Although you won't need to use Japanese when you take classes in the international programs, there is no doubt that life in Japan is much more enjoyable if you can speak a little of the language. IUPE students take Japanese Academic Courses (JACs) offered by the Kyushu University International Student Center as a required course for the first year, and, if they choose, they can continue to study until the Business Japanese level.

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International Collaborative Capstone Project (ICCP)

International Collaborative Capstone Project (ICCP) is an innovative 1.5-year educational program for IUPE students and Japanese students who have completed their KIKAN education, in which agriculture and engineering students study together and collaborate. The program focuses on fostering the qualities and abilities necessary for scientists and engineers of the global era by solving global-scale problems through international collaboration and interdisciplinary fusion. Students will receive a certificate of completion by obtaining a certain number of credits in the "MEXT International Co-Learning Class of Science and Technology" and passing the "International Co-Learning Practice in Science and Technology (PBL; Project-Based Learning)" in which teams of students from agriculture and engineering work together.
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IUPE programs were launched as part of Kyushu University’s Global 30 initiative with funding for students from the Japanese government. Although the G30 project has finished, the University continues to offer a generous financial aid package (tuition fee waiver and various scholarships including MEXT (full) scholarship) exclusively to IUPE students. For the conditions, please refer to the application instructions.

Exemption of Half the Tuition

International students in IUPE programs are entitled to receive an exemption of half the tuition for the first year (two semesters) if they meet the necessary conditions.

Tuition Original Amount After Exemption
1st year 535,800 yen 267,900 yen
2nd year onwards 535,800 yen

MEXT: Japanese Government Scholarship

Selected several applicants who meet the eligibility criteria may receive this scholarship.

Duration Four years
Amount 119,000 yen per month
Other Benefits
  • Exemption of the enrollment fee and the tuition fee (for four years)
  • A-round trip Airline tickets from your country to japan

Kyushu University International Undergraduate Scholarship

Several applicants in our undergraduate programs for the October admission (excluding MEXT Scholarship recipients) may receive this scholarship.

Duration 1 year
Amount 60,000 yen per month

*From the second year onwards, annual academic progress review will be conducted to select the year’s scholarship recipients.

The Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship

Several applicants in our undergraduate programs for the October admission (excluding MEXT Scholarship recipients) may receive this scholarship.

Duration 6 months
Amount 48,000 yen per month


All successful applicants will be guaranteed a room in a university dormitory at least for the first year. The students themselves will be responsible for the rent (around 20,000 yen a month).

Student Life

There is more to a great higher education experience than lectures and experiments. Participating in various extracurricular activities leads to increased productivity in our studies and better quality of life while living in Japan. We encourage our students to explore their interests and expand their knowledge as they join these extra-curricular activities.
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Career Support

After studying in our programs for 4 years, a variety of career paths are open to IUPE graduates. Because Kyushu University is a research-led university, 80-85 percent of graduates proceed to a master’s degree as part of the international graduate programs at Kyushu University or other prestigious universities, either in Japan or abroad.
Other graduates, however, seek their professional career in industry in Japan, abroad or in their home country. While IUPE Coordinators and the School of Engineering offer support for internships and job-hunting, students can also seek support from our Student Support Center for career counselling, seminars, and employment information. For more detailed information, please visit the website below.

Graduate Schools Kyushu University, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, University of Oxford, University College of London, Delft University of Technology, Technical University of Munich, RWTH Aachen University, ISAE SUPAERO, Warsaw University of Technology, Dartmouth College, Rochester University, Indiana University, Tsinghua University, etc.


We update the contents of the application instructions every summer, so please check the latest version to prepare your application for IUPE programs. You can download the application instructions from HERE.

Steps for Application

Application Period January
First Screening Result Announcement Mid-February
Secondary Screening Late February- Early March
Admission Decision Announcement Late March
Enrollment Procedure Deadline Mid- April
Start of the Semester October

Admission Inquiries

Any questions about admissions?
Please contact: Admission Division Student Affairs Department