Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department:Mechanical EngineeringMechanical engineering is an academic discipline that is a base for manufacturing every kind of industrial products or plants such as computers, consumer electronics, air conditioners, automobiles, airplanes, robots, industrial equipment, construction equipment, medical equipment, fuel cells, power plants, and so on. We aim to nurture first-class researchers and technologists who will take a leading role in the world of science and technology. In order to achieve this we believe that it is important for students to acquire basic knowledge of all areas of mechanical engineering as well as understanding of how to apply that knowledge. We hope that students who study mechanical engineering at Kyushu University will seek out the ultimate in knowledge and technology with a spirit of challenge, and will become eminent researchers or technologists of the next generation.

Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage (HYDROGENIUS) and a fuel cell vehicle

Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage (HYDROGENIUS) and a fuel cell vehicle

What do you learn?

Department:Mechanical EngineeringWe have finely tuned the curriculum to include the necessary subjects. The most important are the four major areas of dynamics: strength of materials, dynamics of machinery, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. The students also learn system control and the subjects related to the above four areas of dynamics. In addition, based on the belief that classroom lectures should be supplemented by practical opportunities for learning, the curriculum also includes creative design, technical drawing, machinery operation, and mechanical engineering experiments. At Kyushu University, not only the traditional subjects but the cross-disciplinary subjects can be also learned such as bioengineering and hydrogen energy engineering. Through graduation research in the fourth grade, the students can experience world-leading research activities. Thus the students can acquire broad-based basic knowledge and an overall sense for mechanical engineering.