Partner Institution

Partner Institution


No. country Institution City Date of
1 China College of Architecture & Environment, Sichuan University Xi'an 1982.7.16  




2 China Dalian University of Technology Dalian 2012.1.26  


3 Sweden Faculty of Engineering, University of Lund Lund 1993.5.25  




4 China University of Science and Technology Beijing Beijing 2011.8.25  




5 Korea Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Ocean Science and Technology, Engineering Busan 2001.12.26
6 Zambia School of Mines, University of Zambia Lusaka 2018.12.1  




7 France L'Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ellectrotechnique, d'Electronique, d'Informatique, d'Hydraulique et des Telecommunications de Toulouse Toulouse Cedex 2006.9.29  




8 France National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon Villeurbanne 2007.10.26  




9 Czech
VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Ostrava-Poruba 2008.5.16  




10 Indonesia Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University Makassar 2008.12.2  




11 Indonesia Faculty of Geology, Padjadjaran University Bandung 2009.7.23  




12 Indonesia Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, School of Post Graduate,
Diponegoro University
Semarang 2009.8.8  




13 Mongolia Botanic Garden and Research Institute, Mongolian Academy of Sciences Ulaanbaatar 2009.9.21  


14 France Clermont Auvergne Institut National Polytechnique(formerly known as SIGMA Clermont) Aubière 2009.12.8  




15 Finland Geological Survey of Finland Espoo 2009.12.24  


16 Thailand Institute of Science, Institute of Engineering,
Suranaree University of Technology
Nakhon Ratchasima 2010.2.19  




17 Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru 2010.5.31  




18 Korea College of Engineering, Sejong University Seoul 2010.8.17  




19 Sweden Institute of Technology, Linkoping University Linköping 2010.8.20  




20 Argeria Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Management of The Territory, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene Alger 2010.12.10  




21 Egypy Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University EI-Mansoura, Dakahleya 2010.12.30  




22 Sweden Faculty of Science, University of Lund Lund 2011.1.12
23 Viet Nam Hanoi University of Mining and Geology Hanoi 2011.3.7  




24 Viet Nam Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering,
Faculty of Chemical Engineering,
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Faculty of Applied Science,
Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources,
Faculty of Geology and Petroleum,
Faculty of Transportation Engineering,
Faculty of Materials Technology,
Hochiminh City University of Technology
Ho Chi Minh City 2019.2.1  




25 France Mines Paris Tech Paris 2011.8.26  




26 Germany Technische Fachhochschule Georg Agricola Bochum 2019.6.30  




27 Malaysia School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia Pinang 2011.11.11  




28 Belgium Faculty of Bioscience Engineering,
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy,
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,
Ghent University
Ghent 2012.2.16  




29 Cambodia Institute of Technology of Cambodia Phnom Penh 2012.7.31  




30 Germany German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Kaiserslautern 2012.7.31  


31 Germany University of Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern 2015.3.31  




32 Uzbekistan Research Institute of Irrigation and Water Problems, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration Tashkent 2013.1.31  


33 United
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge Cambridge 2014.2.4  


34 Indonesia IPB University (Bogor Agricultural University) Bogor Indonesia 2008.2.26  




35 Korea School of Mechanical,
Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering,
School of Natural Science,
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Ulsan 2019.3.25  




36 Thailand Center of Excellence for Innovation in Analytical Science and Technology,
Faculty of Engineering,Faculty of Science,
ChiangMai University
Chaing Mai 2015.9.25  




37 Viet Nam Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources Hanoi 2016.5.27
38 Malaysia Petronas University of Technology Perak 2016.7.1  


39 Indonesia Faculty of Engineering,University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta 2017.4.12  


40 United
College of Architecture, Texas A&M University Texas 2017.8.1  




41 Finland School of Engineering, Aalto University Espoo 2018.12.1  




42 Bangladesh Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Civil Engineering,
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Dhaka 2018.12.1  




43 China Graduate School and School of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Wuhan 2018.11.29  




44 United
College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines Colorado 2018.8.29  




45 India Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Assam 2018.10.1  


46 Malaysia Mara University of Technology Selangor 2019.1.1  




47 Taiwan College of Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology Taipei 2019.8.1


48 Taiwan College of Science, National Chung Hsing University Taichung 2019.7.1  




49 Norway Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim 2019.10.1  




50 Poland Cracow University of Technology Kraków 2019.10.1  




51 Malawi Faculty of Science, University of Malawi Zomba 2019.12.1  


52 Australia School of Engineering,
School of Science,
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)
Melbourne 2019.9.1  




53 Thailand Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Bangkok 2019.6.19  




54 Thailand Faculty of Engineering , King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Bangkok 2020.2.21  




55 Taiwan Feng Chia University Taichung 2019.12.1  


56 India Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Delhi 2020.7.1  




57 India Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Mandi 2020.12.1  




58 China Wuhan University of Science and Technology Wuhan 2021.3.15  




59 Korea/China College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
Department of Architecture, Pusan National University
Shanghai/Busan 2017.8.1


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