Introduction for Campus

Campus Photos

  • West building2, West building 3 and West building 4

    West building 2, West building 3 and West building 4
    The West buildings are education and research facilities for Engineering. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Earth Resources, Marine and Civil Engineering and Energy Science and Engineering are based in West 2, Materials Science and Engineering is based in West 3 while Materials Science and Engineering and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are based in West 4.

  • Nishi kougitou

    Nishi kougitou
    There is a common lecture building which has cafeteria called E-cafe on the first floor.

  • Open Learning Plaza

    Open Learning Plaza
    There are some lecture rooms and facilities for the Graduate school of Integrated Frontier Sciences.

  • Center building 1 and building 2 in the Center Zone

    Center building 1 and building 2 in the Center Zone
    There are some educational facilities in the Center Zone where most first year under graduate students have classes under "KIKAN Education". Aside from classrooms, in the Center Zone there is the Campus Life Support Center, some cafeterias and students' shared leaning space called "Q-commons"

  • Ito Library

    Ito Library
    This library opened as "Science and Technology Library" in October 2005 in conjunction with the opening of the new Ito campus. It serves students and faculty at Ito Campus and is equipped with the latest facilities such as automated storage and retrieval system and IC cards.

  • Hydrogen Station

    Hydrogen Station
    The Ito campus is fully equipped with some of the biggest facilities related fuel cells in the world. This hydrogen station uses water electrolysis for hydrogen supply. It will be the base for studies on future combination of renewable energy such as solar or wind power with hydrogen.

  • Dormitory 1, Dormitory 2, Dormitory 3, Ito Harmony House

    Dormitory 1, Dormitory 2, Dormitory 3, Ito Harmony House
    The dormitories at the Ito Campus are international dormitories where students from several different countries live together. Dormitory 3 is located at the center of campus and features shared rooms that consists of 4 people per unit. They are organized into 2 international students and 2 Japanese students pre unit. Ito Harmony House features the largest amount of living spaces at the university with 581 rooms. Also we have Dormitory 1 and Dormitory 2 where students from several different countries live together.

  • Tei tei sha & Kou Kou sha

    Tei tei sha & Kou Kou sha
    "Tei tei sha" is a student's meeting place from morning to evening, which is open for students during the daytime. You can buy a lunch box, bread, magazines and University merchandise at the adjacent "Kou Kou sha"

  • Athletic Facilities

    Athletic Facilities
    There is a gymnasium and multi-purpose sports field as well as tennis courts in the Center Zone. We have tennis courts, baseball field, archery ranges[ western and Japanese style] in the West Zone.

  • Big Dora[Activity support facility]

    Big Dora[Activity support facility]
    This complex facility is called "Big Dora" which features a cafe area, a convenience store, book store and ATM. It is adjacent to the West building 4, School of Engineering. You can have lunch on the roof terrace at Big Dora on a beautiful day.

Club Activities

Currently Kyushu University has well over 170 clubs and circles that connect your passions with your campus experience. Joining a club on campus is a great way to meet new friends, develop new skills and broaden your horizon! They cover a variety of fields. Some of these clubs have come to be known outside Japan through their participation in international competitions.
Club Activities

Workshop SOZO KOBO

The “Sozo Kobo” workshop is a facility that provides you with the freedom and opportunity to exercise your ingenuity and express yourself, developing and manufacturing your own original ideas. The unique workshop environment not present at other universities is supported and managed by the school of Engineering and the department of Mechanical Engineering. Currently the following five projects are under-way:

  • Kyushu University Robocon Team (KURT)
  • Kyushu Humanoid Project
  • Kyushu University Wind Tunnel and Turbine Frontier (WTTP)
  • Kyushu University Formula Project
  • Kyusu University Planet-Q



(2nd year, Mechanical Engineering)

Planet-Q is a circle that launches model rockets. I joined in October and launched 2 model rockets with my friends. One of those were completely designed and assembled by us, with the help of Japanese students. It is a great learning experience and you get to interact with friendly japanese students. Currently, Planet-Q is preparing for its biggest project yet. A self-made hybrid engine rocket. I am enjoying learning by doing and hope to continue being a member.



This is the Instagram official account site of the school of Engineering, Kyushu University.